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Frequently Asked Questions

Tractor Services

What is Bush Hogging?

 Bush hogging is basically a big lawnmower that goes on the back of a tractor.  It will cut grass that is too tall for a regular mower and it will also cut small bushes and trees.  

Is a Bush Hog something I can rent?

You probably could however not a lot of companies rent them.  You would need to have a large truck and trailer to haul it or pay them to deliver.  Then you have to spend your time actually doing the work.  Our suggestion (obviously) is to let us do it.

How do you price the jobs?

We price each job individually.  An acre in one spot could take an hour and a whole day in a different spot.  Estimates are free and we don’t mind giving them.  We also like to look around and make sure it is safe for our operators and that there is nothing we would need to avoid or go around.  We do have $250 minimum charge so our price will never be less than that.  Our machinery is both expensive and expensive to maintain.

How often do I need to Bush Hog?


Every property is different and has its own answer.  Variables could be everything from what you use it for, how tall the grass gets, if it is a codes violations, are there animals grazing.  We recommend a minimum of one cut per year just for minimum maintenance but most of our properties are cut 3-4 times per year with some in more urban areas getting cut on a monthly basis.


What if I choose to let it grow?

In some cases you are not forced to bush hog the area and could simply let it grow.  This is not always going to save you money because cutting at least once per year can allow you to maintain the growth.  After two years the amount of growth (especially in Middle Tennessee) becomes more than we can handle with our equipment and that leads you in to land clearing which is pretty costly because the equipment is so expensive to run and maintain.



What type of Equipment do you have?


We run Cab tractors.  They have 4 wheel drive and front end loaders.  This allows us to go up steep hills and go in places where others will get stuck.  This is handy especially on new developments where the ground is soft and not finish graded yet.  As far as brands go we use Case IH, Kubota and Massey Ferguson.

What is Brush Hogging?

Same thing as Bush Hogging.  

Who needs Bush Hogging?


Anyone who owns or manages land.  We have a large variety of clients:

Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Agents



Commercial and Industrial Businesses


Homeowners Associations

Radio Stations

Tower Companies

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